Good bye and good luck…

Posted On June 10, 2010

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Well, today is the last real day of school. I just wanted to say that this was the best year that I had so far. 6th I made friends, 7th grade I made even more friends, and now 8th grade, I feel like I bonded with all the people in 8th grade. I laughed(in a gay way), I cried(gay), and I loved(gay). I have never felt this feeling before and it is awesome. My last words on this blog post are good luck and hope to see you in high school or somewhere else. Thanks and have a awesome high school year.


4 Responses to “Good bye and good luck…”

  1. Jamie

    Biii Joe

    • s8529226

      man hoooo ima goinna see u

  2. Ash

    I don’t know if you’re ever going to read this, but I saw you riding down the street on your bike the other day and though about scaring you, but my grandma wouldn’t let me scream your name out of the car window.


    P.S. That was like July 19th, 2010

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