Cool and Trout…

Posted On June 7, 2010

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Cool! This week is going to go so fast. I just hope that it will go fast. Yesterday, I went to Lake Michigan to catch some fish. It was really slow but when my friend got a bite on his hook, it got crazy. It toke about 15 minutes until it came up to shore. But in the end, my friends John caught a 49-inch brown trout. It was big and heavy. It weighed over 13 pounds. I think that it is also going to taste good. John is good at smoking trout and the first one that he smoked, was amazing. The only thing that sucks is that it takes over 48 hours to smoke a fish. Anyways, people keep on asking if I’m still going to blog. Tell you the truth, it takes up to much time and it gets kind of boring. So sorry, I’m not going to blog after school. But I’m still going to use my E-mail. My E-mail is Well, have a good day everyone.


4 Responses to “Cool and Trout…”

  1. Becca

    how do you smoke a fish

    • s8529226

      its like grilling it but it takes longer

  2. 0205alexc

    oooooo ya

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