Weekend and Work…

Posted On June 1, 2010

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My weekend was pretty good. On Friday, I hung out with Jacob, Abby, Sara, and Alex N. On Saturday, I went up North to a carnival with my friend Nico. It was cool. The games and rides were fun. The bands were good too. I just wish that my Uncle Lee could come to the carnival but he went fishing somewhere with his friends. After that, Nico went back to my house for a sleepover. It was fun. We just stayed up, talked, and watch movies all night. On Sunday, I just hanged out with Nico. On Monday, I hanged out with Sara, Jacob, Abby, and Andrew (Alex N., and Kyle were there for a little while). That was my weekend. I also got all my work done in Mr. S’s class.


6 Responses to “Weekend and Work…”

  1. PJ

    I see how it is you don’t mention Christian and I. Haha when you left Joey and Nate came, we had a blast.
    -p.s don’t play smear the queer with Nate, he is the fastest big guy I know.

    • s8529226

      lol ik but i haad a fun time with everyone

  2. Ashley

    Good for you.


    • PJ

      No, good for me.

  3. s8272983

    oh u n nico stayed up huh what did u do specific lol

    • s8529226

      dude u r so perferted… we just stayed up watch movies and talked u homo

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