6-4 and moive…

Posted On May 25, 2010

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Man! We lost to the Morgandale Bears again. So now we are 6-4, which is good because we automatically take 3rd place. Better than nothing right. It was also a very hot day yesterday. I was sweating so much. Dude, my dad said that he might not take me to the Big Four Live on June 22nd. That’ll suck because I won’t have anyone to take me to the movie theater. To learn more about this event, copy and paste the link below. I think if someone will go with me to see it, then my mom can just drop use off and then she can take us back?



2 Responses to “6-4 and moive…”

  1. s8336301

    U can’t say I suck cz I dont… u missed a catch by falling down!!!!!!

    • s8529226

      i freakin triped ok and dude u r actinglike ur all tht cause u know wht to do… well you dont so burn and dud there was tht on time when u freakin srewed up the game trying to get to third base… tht was rtarded

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