Posted On May 12, 2010

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Wow, we have to take this stupid computer test and it is such a waste of time! I mean come on, I just want to get on with my day and not take this dumb survey. All it pretty much asks us is what you do in your classroom. Ya, the whole survey is pretty much that. There are 67 questions and it takes about 15 minutes. Ya, 15 whole minutes. What a rip off. Leave a comment telling me that I’m crazy, or I’m not crazy. Also you have to write two essay’s at the end. Just giving you a heads up Room 207. Peace out!


4 Responses to “Survey…”

  1. Edhela

    You’re not the one who’s crazy, the TEST is the one that’s crazy? Are you like FO REAL? Who in earth would want to know anything about what you do in a classroom? And why does there have to be a darn essay?

    • s8529226

      ikr it sucks!

  2. PJ

    Joe you are crazy.

    • s8529226

      peter out of everyone, u would say tht it sucks

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