Tell You The Truth…

Posted On May 10, 2010

Filed under Personal

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Tell you the truth; I am happy to be in school. Why you ask, well my weekend was absolutely boring. I had nothing to do except one thing. The one thing was a bike ramp, and it got really boring after a few jumps off of it. So, give me what you got Mr. S, I’m ready for anything. Wow I felt like I was in an action movie for saying that. Anyways, someone help me! I am getting really addicted to Sim City. I think Jason is getting addicted to it too. Oh well, I’m done.


2 Responses to “Tell You The Truth…”

  1. Edhela

    Is your city Winchester something? If it is, oh my God, it’s big.

    P.S. You did sound like you were in an action movie when you said that. By the way, your writing is really improving. Great job Joe O. (:

    • s8529226

      no it called perodic stimulous city (jason came up with it) and thx

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