Posted On May 4, 2010

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Dang! The Panthers are on a roll with softball. You already know by the title that we are now 4-0. Amazing. We only won 1 game last year and now look at us, 4-0. That’s really good.


4 Responses to “4-0…”

  1. Edhela

    Is the Panthers your team? If they are, well, GEEZ, you guys are good. I’m not that “good” at baseball. My “expertise” are only football and basketball. I don’t count volleyball because I hate sissy games. Sorry if I offended anyone who liked VOLLEYBALL.

    • s8529226

      lol ya i like almost every sport except volly ball and soccer. soccer is gay!

      • Edhela

        Thank you! You’re finally the only person I know that thinks soccer is gay! My mom thinks I should be playing soccer. WOW. No way. I’d rather play tackle football.

  2. s8529226

    wow that ids so cool!

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