Posted On April 22, 2010

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Man! Mr. S is going to work our butt’s off today. I really don’t feel like doing work. I just want to finish that planet thing and the rest of the time free time! Ahh! He won’t change his mind. Anyways, my Softball team the Panthers won our first game. I hope we do better this year because last year was horrible. Last year, we only won a game. Ya, one game only. Ms. Matson is out again today. God I hope today is a good day.


8 Responses to “Man…”

  1. 0205johnm


    hi! lmaooooo

  2. s8336301

    Yea we already tied our record from last year!!!

  3. Edhela

    Dude, know you know how much homework we have. IT SUCKS!

    • s8529226

      ya it does

  4. Jamie

    same here dude!!!

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