Saturday and Sunday…

Posted On April 19, 2010

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Saturday was so fun! On Saturday, my dad’s friend came over and he is very good at guitar. He knows how to play like every Metallica song. Then, when we were jamming a little, my neighbor hear us play and he told use to come to his house so that he can play drums with us. Then, he called over his friend Aaron who also plays guitar. Then finally when everyone came, we started to make a song. I really wanted to record it and put it on my blog but none of then wanted to be recorded. It was a really good song too. Yesterday, I went to my grandma’s house to mow her lawn and she gave me her War Ration Books. It is really cool. Mr. S knows more about them, I think. My grandma told me about them but I forgot. My dad said that we only had like 35 more days of school. Is that true?


4 Responses to “Saturday and Sunday…”

  1. s8272983

    35 days maybe more somewhere around there

  2. Edhela

    Hey dude. I don’t get how you people are able to actually HAVE super old things from back then. It’s not fair! I feel like a loner whenever Mr. Skonecki asks us about old stuff from back then.

    • s8529226

      lol ya only old people hav old stuff like mr s

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