OWWWWW!!!! and TGIF!!!!

Posted On April 16, 2010

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OWWW!!!! My hip really really hurts! I don’t know what happened. I guess I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Also Thank God It’s Friday! I can’t keep on getting up at 6:00 just so my mom can get to school on time. It truly sucks. I also really want to go to the movie Kickass with my dad. He might take me because he has a day off today. God I wish I could have gone to that AC/DC concert. It is just so much money for even nose bleeders. Oh well.


6 Responses to “OWWWWW!!!! and TGIF!!!!”

  1. 0205johnm

    Well at least u dont have to wake up at 4:00! >:/

    • s8529226

      u hav 2?

  2. Edhela

    WOW JOHN. Yeah, he does have too. He tells me it ALL THE TIME. You know how annoying that is to hear it everyday on the phone? Just kidding John, you my best buddy, after ma Homie G Jessica. JK!

    • s8529226

      dud i minus well kill myself if i hav to wake up that early

      • Edhela

        Dude, I can’t even wake up as early as 12 PM during weekend. I’m a lazy klutz.

  3. s8529226

    same 4 me man

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