Posted On March 31, 2010

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Yesterday was awesome! First, I showed my mom and dad my report card and my mom cried. I don’t know why she cried, either she was proud of me or she was jealous. I also got $50. My mom and dad never gave me that much money in my life. Second, Peter, Joey, Adam K., and Me were playing tackle football at a field by my house. It was fun. I tackled Joey twice and Peter once. Then, we started to tackle each other instead of football. It was fun but it really hurt. Hopefully we can do this again today. It is going to be really nice out!


2 Responses to “Yesterday…”

  1. Edhela

    Your mom cried? That’s kind of funny but in a very strange way. How do you people get paid for getting good grades?
    -Edhela (:

    • s8529226

      idk man its weird and y i never get any money from my mom or my dad

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