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Posted On March 30, 2010

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Wow! I am really surprised because I got straight A’s on my report card. That has never happened before. My dad said that if I’m saying is true, he might help me get a new acoustic guitar called a T-bucket 300 CE. The storeowner said that it is one of the best acoustic guitars. It has an auto tuner and it has a plug to put in my amp so that it is louder. The storeowner also gave me a good price. The guitar’s original price was $450 but he is giving a new, never played one for $270. Copy and paste the link below to see the guitar! I am really looking forward for this guitar.


4 Responses to “Report Cards…”

  1. Edhela

    Congratulations dude! I’m so happy for you! I really think you deserve those straight A’s. 🙂

    • s8529226

      ya i didnt know until now… i didnt really work forward 4 start A’s

  2. Daisy

    Looks really cool, congradulations on the straight A’s!
    ~ mAdY 😀

    • s8529226

      thx mady

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