2 New T-shirts and new CD….

Posted On March 25, 2010

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Yesterday was cool. I went to the mall again. I don’t really like the mall that much but I just go there because eather my Grandma or my mom has to pick up something there. Well my Grandma wanted to pick up some stuff and she gave me 50 bucks to burn and to meet back at the food court in a hour. She has never done that before so something must have been up. Oh well, I had $50. So, the first place I went to is Spencer’s Gifts. The store has a lot of weird stuff but cool band T-shirts. I got a Led Zeppelin (which I am wearing right now) and a Ozzy Osbourn T-shirt. I had $20 left and so I went to this little album store somewhere at the end of the mall and I got the Unknown songs of Jimi Hendrix and its called Vally’s of Neptune. I found out that it was the last album by The Jimi Hendrix Experience before he died. It is a really cool album. Copy and paste the link below to see what the album looks like. After that I went to the food court found my Grandma and went home. So that was pretty much my afternoon yesterday!


4 Responses to “2 New T-shirts and new CD….”

  1. Edhela

    Man, I don’t get how you people have the privilege to do that. That’s not fair. I wish I could do that. I would go shopping with my besties everyday.

    • s8529226

      it is also rare 4 me 2 cause my mom taks me no where

  2. PJ

    Joe finally got to carry a lot of money in his pocket and how come you did not buy new shoes that are actully main brand.

    • s8529226

      i dont want to waste my money 4 shoes

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