Posted On March 22, 2010

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Weekend was weird. On Friday, I went to the guitar store to check out an acoustic guitar. I found a really cool one and it sounds great, but of course, my mom won’t let me get it because she thought it was short notice and we might get it tomorrow. Of course we didn’t get it. Copy and paste the link below to see what it kind of looks like. On Saturday, I hanged over a my friends house. It was fun and scary because Nico (friend) got his German Shepard all wiled up so that it can attack us and try to mull us. So, Saturday was weird. On Sunday, I had a late Birthday party. My Grandma, Grandpa Aunt, Uncle, and my cousin came over to see me. It was cool. I got 2 cool sweat shirts, Kiss M&M’s (will never eat because there are so awesome), Target gift card, and $85 cash. After that, my friend Nico took me to see Alice in Wonderland. It was a weird movie, but Nico likes those weird movies. Well, that was my weekend!


4 Responses to “Weekend…”

  1. Edhela

    How old is Nico? He sounds really young.

    • s8529226

      ya he’s lik 11

      • Edhela

        No wonder why he sounds really young dude.

  2. s8529226


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