Today is the day that is going to be OK I guess…

Posted On March 19, 2010

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Today is going to be OK i guess. There is one good thing and one really bad thing. The good thing is that I’m going to be with Peter and Duff-man and a few other person that I don’t hate. The really bad thing is that Jacob L. is going to be in my group. Oh well. he better not be a F*G. Here is my story I finished. It is really long. There’s like 1,000 words in this paper.

On a hot day at Summerfest, it felt like Satin was walking beside me when I was walking to the concert. It was 10:00 A.M on a Friday and there were over 10,000 people to see 5 concerts. This was going to be big. It toke me over two hours to get to my seat. It felt like there was a group of buffalo charging at me. When I finally got to my seat, I found out hat I had an hour of spear time. So, I decided to check out the unknown bands. I went over to the beach side of Summerfest and I saw this band called The Toyz. I’ve seen them a bunch of time at festivals. So I was listening to them for about 15 minutes and then I see my friend Justin. Justin is just your average 5th grader that loves to rock’n roll. I go over to him and I have a nice talk with him. We were talking about how awesome the concert was going to be. When I was done talking to him I found out that I had 30 minutes left. Well, I was hungry, so I went over to the food court and got a chilidog. It was good. I had 15 minutes left. I found out there was a gift shop at the end of the food court. I went in and I got an AC/DC Blackice T-shirt. I had 7 minutes left. I darted to my seat like I was a cheetah catching it’s pray. Finally, I got to my seat with a minute to spare. It was about to begin.

Of course, all the bands are late. I was sitting at my seat for about an hour. Finally, it has started. I stood up and cheered. Then, AC/DC came up from the ground and started to play Thunderstuck. It was the best version of Thunderstruck I’ve heard yet. Then, they started to play their Blackice tour album. It was the best AC/DC concert ever! Then, at the end of the song Warhorse, Angus Young started to shred a solo on his Gibson SG. It was so beautiful. It felt like I was in heaven listening to that solo.

Then, Angus Young toke the microphone and said Give it up for Ozzy Osbourne. All of a sudden, ALL ABOARD HA HA HA. Everyone was jumping up and down for this concert. They played the song Crazy Train for 10 minutes. Ozzy was busting everyone’s ears with his vocals. Zakk Wylde murdering his Bullseye Gibson Les Paul with a solo. It was true heaven. They started to play a bunch of songs like Mr. Cowley, Bark of the Moon, Suicide Solution, and more. It was truly the best concert ever. When they were done, the Summerfest manger can out and said, “give it up for AC/DC and Ozzy Osbourne!” Everyone cheered and screamed their lungs out. The manger said, “We are going to take a 15 minute break and then when you come back we got a special surprise for you so stick around.” I wonder how it could be. I didn’t really want to think about because I was so excited to find out who it was going to be!

After 10 minutes I got back to my seat that I still didn’t sit on yet. I had 5 minutes until the next concert. For the last five minutes I thought of what the next three concerts were going to be. I didn’t have time to think because the next concert was about to start. When I was about to sit because I was so tired of standing up, I heard someone say, “ ARE YOU READY MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN!” I knew that voice. It was the Motor City Madman, Ted Nugent! He all ready busted a solo from his guitar. He did that for about 30 minutes and then he started to play Catscrach Fever. It was butter to my ears. He started to play a bunch of his album. The best songs that he played were, Catscrach Fever, Stranglehold, Free-For-All, and Dog eat Dog. Then, he finished it off with Fred Bear. It is the best song ever he can finish up with for his part of the concert.

Uncle Ted waved goodbye to everyone and the next concert was about to start. My legs were so tired of standing that they were numb. I had to hold on for 2 more concerts. After 5 minutes, I thought I was crippled. I couldn’t move my legs at all. Then, I heard someone say, “ ARE YOU READY FOR KISS!” I was thinking no way, not Kiss. Then, the entire whole Kiss band came out. I saw Eric Singer in the back, Paul Stanley on the right, Gene Simmons on the left, and Tommy Thayer in the middle. It was almost a dream come true for me. They started to play I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night. That is my favorite Kiss song of all time. I was so surprised of how awesome the concert was. They started to play their album Love Gun. Love Gun is also one of my favorite Kiss songs. Let me tell you something. Kiss will be one of the wildest concerts you will ever see.

Wow! Kiss has got to be the best concert yet. But, you never know. There is still one more concert left. I wonder who it could be? Ok, I have to sit down. My legs are killing me. No, I can’t. I have to stay standing. There is just one more concert left. All-of-a-sudden, I heard an acoustic guitar. It was playing Enter Sandman. I knew right away that it was my favorite band, Metallica. This has just become the best day ever! I looked up and I saw Kirk Hammett playing Enter Sandman. He is my favorite guitarist. Then, I hear drums and it was Lars Ulrich playing them. Next, I hear a strong bass from Robert Trujillo. Later, I hear James Hetfeid’s vocals. It was the best. When they were done playing the song. They started to play their black album. They played Of Wolf and Man, Nothing Else Matters, My Friend of Misery, and more. When they were done with that, they all started to do solo’s. James did a vocal solo. Robert did a bass solo. Lars did a drum solo and last but not least, Kirk did his signature wah-wah guitar solo. It was amazing. He did that solo for 20 minutes. Then, it was over. The concert was done in a flash. I will never forget this day at Summerfest seeing AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, Ted Nugent, Kiss, and Metallica. I was the best day ever. And I finally got to sit down after that 10-hour concert.


6 Responses to “Today is the day that is going to be OK I guess…”

  1. Edhela

    At least you didn’t have to have ADAM H put in your group.
    -Edhela 🙂 Obama Mama

    • s8529226

      u hav halverson in ur group… tht does suck

  2. 0205richardc

    was the second last sentence supposed to be

    It was truly was the best day ever.

    • s8529226

      thx rich

  3. s8272983

    i really like ur story but i dont like Kiss i only like rock n roll all night and metallica is the worst band of em all XD but nice i like how u put ur dream come true in ur story

    • s8529226

      poo 2 u metallica is the best and im not tht big of a kiss fan.

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