Posted On March 15, 2010

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My birthday was the best birthday ever! It all started with Peter and Kyle coming over and playing outside. Then, we went to this restaurant called Center Court. It was fun because there were a few video games there we could play. After that, we went across the street to go to the Bradley Center to see the Admirals hockey game. I was a really good game, but they lost. Then, right after the hockey game, was the Foreigner concert. It was the best concert I saw so far. Then, when we got home (me, Kyle, Peter, mom and dad), we had a sleep over. To learn more about the sleep over, copy and paste the link below. Try not to talk to me today. I am very tired


2 Responses to “Birthday…”

  1. Edhela

    Awwww. Lucky. I never celebrate my birthday anymore. Your birthday sounds like you had a lot of fun.

    • s8529226

      really, that sucks… thx btw

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