Posted On February 26, 2010

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I think today is going to be fun. So far today sucks. It sucks because I had a nightmare last night and i am tired as heck. I woke up like 3 times last night. One was at 12. The other was at 3. The last one was at 6:30, which is good because I needed to wake up at that time. I hope today is going to be good!


8 Responses to “Today…”

  1. PJ

    aaaww little Joe had a nightmare.

  2. s8529226

    due really

  3. Edhela

    Wow PETER. You’re mean. By the way Pete, Tiffany and I can still imagine you going shopping in Victoria’s Secret. *coughs* You know what I mean.

    • PJ

      I will never go shopping in Victoria’s secret EVER in my life. I am not gay.

      • Edhela

        You can’t hide your feelings! DO NOT RESIST IT! Jk jk. You know you want some Stilleto.

      • PJ

        No I don’t Edhela I am not gay.

  4. s8529226


  5. s8529226

    R u sur peter

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