Banana Bread…

Posted On February 25, 2010

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Can’t wait for tomorrow! I am bring in the best banana bread in the world. The secret is fresh brown eggs from your backyard chickens!


12 Responses to “Banana Bread…”

  1. Kyle J.

    Ewwww….. I don’t like banana bread….

  2. Kyle J.

    Your eating your chickens unborn??? Ewwwww…. you eat chicken fetus’s?

  3. Edhela

    Wait, what’s a banana bread?

    • s8529226

      u will find out

  4. Edhela

    Kyle Pinky was making fun of me for not knowing what banana bread is. D: THAT IS NOT FAIR. It’s not my fault I don’t know this stuff.

    • s8529226

      its ok… i will save u a peice!

    • Kyle J.

      You mean Pizzo? Cuz I didn’t make fun of u…. I hate bannana bread it’s weird

      • s8529226

        dud try my banana bread… its good

      • Kyle J.


  5. s8529226


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