Kyle got it…

Posted On February 23, 2010

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Kyle got the button maker for our business and it sounds like it is a piece of crap. Kyle said that it works good, which I believe in him. God wordpress is really confusing me.


16 Responses to “Kyle got it…”

  1. Edhela

    I want a button from you. D: I’m gonna buy one. HAR HAR HAR.

  2. PJ

    Hahaha who wants to buy buttons.

    • Edhela

      I always wanted my own button. So be quite. By the way, why is your blog pink Joe O?

      • s8529226


      • Kyle J.

        What? No it’s not!

    • s8529226


  3. s8529226

    kyle dud i know u changed it

  4. Edhela

    It was pink when I checked it at home. It had pink with flowers on it. LMAO.

    • Kyle J.

      On Joe’s? LMAO!

      • s8529226

        f u

      • Kyle J.

        1. Dude, watch what you say, you’ll get in trouble, idiot!
        2. GO ON MY BLOG!
        3. What did I do?!?
        4. GO ON MY BLOG !!!!!

  5. s8529226

    dud i know u did the pink

    • Kyle J.

      WHAT PINK?!? Now go on my blog!

      • s8529226


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