Posted On February 17, 2010

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Monday was so fun! Kyle and I went to Humboldt Park and we went sledding. I was fun because some of the snow was gone and there was a bunch of bumps on the the hill. The bumps hurt a lot. There was this one time when I was sledding on my stomach and I sledded right into a tree. I got the wind knocked out of me, but it wasn’t that bad. The first thing that kyle asks me is,” is the sledding alright.” Kyle was the dare devil at sledding. He went off a big  jump with the sled on his stomach. It looked like it hurt when he landed. I also kind of sucked because my friends from my neighborhood came and all they wanted to was fight. God it was so dumb because they were only there for like ten minutes. Kyle and I were very sore the next day on Tuesday. I hope I can go sledding again sometime.


2 Responses to “Monday…”

  1. PJ

    Joe got a booboo and dude tell me when you go to Humbolt, I live two block away from Humbolt.

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