The Who

Posted On February 8, 2010

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The Who has rocked our world and the super bowl. For that we thank you! Saints kicked butt!


26 Responses to “The Who”

  1. Kyle J.

    The WHo is great, but they sucked last nite

    • s8529226

      not really think about it, there old and if the sex pistols were still together then they would probley suck more

      • Kyle J.

        No they wouldn’t. In fact, the sex pistols are still great, cuz they never sang good in the first place so ther.

  2. s8529226

    that didn’t make any sence

    • Kyle J.

      The thing about the sex pistols is they sang so bad it was good, punk rock didn’t need good singing, but rock does. You need to sing good to do rock, you need to sing bad todo punk, old people dont do rock good, but they can do punk.

      • s8529226

        wtf… ok the sex pistols suck hard that they r good right… ok then if they were back together then they r going to suck so hard that they suck so there.

  3. Kyle J.

    They are back together, and they sound good, look ’em up on the ed sullivan show, they rock. The who sound like shit. Go on my blog.

  4. s8529226

    i guess they r

    • Kyle J.

      Told you dumbass, don’t tell me about the sex pistols, lol, I know almost everything.

      • s8529226

        kk then dont mess with me with Metallica, lol, i know almost everything!

  5. Kyle J.

    I doubt that, but idk, I don’t like mettallica so I wouldn’t talk about them like you did the sex pistols.

    • s8529226

      wtf r u talking about u always talk about how metallica sucks

      • Kyle J.

        yeh, but what I mean is, don’t say that you know they havn’t been doing concerts, cuz there still together, and u said they rn’t.

  6. Kyle J.

    I dont care if u say they suck.

    • s8529226

      i didn’t say that

  7. s8336301

    JOE i hate you…I wish the Colts would have won!!!

    • s8529226

      wtf they deserve to win thecolts won like 2 super bowls

    • PJ

      That was a good onside g\kick and interception.

      • s8529226


  8. s8529226


  9. Edhela


    • s8529226


    • Kyle J.

      The Colts are stuck up. They saints never even made it to a single superbowl before. Never. They gave it there all, and they beat the colts, they both played a great game, and the saints were the better team, they deserved to win.

      • s8529226


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