Outside my window

Posted On February 5, 2010

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Milwaukee, WI 6:50 A.M.


12 Responses to “Outside my window”

  1. Kyle J.

    I took a pic. too, but I didn’t upload it yet.

  2. s8529226

    y i sended it in email because it won’t upload on to my computer

    • Kyle J.

      ‘Cuz I first took the pic at like 5:40 this morning and then I didn’t get to upload it cuz it’s on my camcorder and that takes like 30 minutes to connect to the pc.

      • s8529226

        me 2

      • Kyle J.

        Yeah but I had to get ready 4 school.

      • Kyle J.

        And “cameras” are a lot faster to hook up to a pc then camcorders. I need like 6 different cabels to connect it.

  3. Jamie

    ohh ohh i know were that is thats not 2 far from my house

    • s8529226

      y i live in the white house on the corner of euclid ave

      • PJ

        Joe, now I know were your chickens live.

      • s8529226

        dude u got a problem

  4. s8336301

    I have been there!!

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