Special Brownies

Posted On February 4, 2010

Filed under Personal

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I just want to take a big bit of a special brownies. They look sooooooooooo good! Just kidding!


14 Responses to “Special Brownies”

  1. Kyle J.


  2. s8529226

    me 2

  3. Edhela

    Don’t you have to buy the ring tone though?

    • s8529226

      free for me

      • Edhela

        WHAT?! That’s isn’t fair. D:

  4. s8529226

    lol it is funny cause i scared my mom with it… she was looking all over the place it see if he was there..lol

  5. BOB

    Joe special brownies are brownies with pot in them.

  6. Edhela

    Lol. Your mom would be scared by the creepy man. I would too. Right when our plane landed in Las Vegas, I had to sit by some old man who wouldn’t stop singing so loud in the plane. He sings like a woman. D: I should’ve took a photo with him because when we landed in LA, he was still singing all gay. Too bad your class got banned from the computers. 😉

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