What do you think…

Posted On February 3, 2010

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Please tell me that Lady GaGa is hot. If you don’t think she’s hot, then leave a comment telling me why she isn’t hot. OK!

And those of you who don’t think that she isn’t hot, then check this out!


22 Responses to “What do you think…”

  1. Edhela

    I’m a girl, so I’m not voting. I’m not GAY! Hayyyy. :’)

    • s8529226


    • Kyle J.

      You’d be a lesbian technically.

      • s8529226

        ya… lesbians r awesome

  2. Kyle J.

    HAHAHAHA! wow joe….

    • s8529226

      wow wht u don’t like lesbos

      • Kyle J.

        no comment.

      • s8529226

        ha ha u don’t like losbos

      • Edhela


      • BOB

        Jealous about what?

      • joe


  3. s8272983

    she is so dammmmmmmm ugly

  4. s8272983

    also i did have a good day that bad day

  5. Edhela

    She’s not that fugly. You guys are meany paninis. Ya’ll are jealous cause you guys are Lebanons. LMAO. Jk….

  6. s8529226

    ya there hot

  7. BOB

    Lady Gaga and Ms, Clark are both hot.

  8. Mr. Skonecki

    Be careful with the comments, folks.

  9. s8529226

    she hot

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