Finally got it!

Posted On February 2, 2010

Filed under Personal

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I finally got the Metallica Black Album guitar book. It is so awesome. I am now learning how to play Nothing Else Matters.


10 Responses to “Finally got it!”

  1. BOB

    Whats up Joe.


    • s8529226

      wht do u want peter?

  2. Edhela

    What’s up buddy? 🙂

    • s8529226

      hey buddy 🙂

  3. BOB

    aawww 😦 🙂 (*)><(*)

    • Edhela

      You better watch your back Peter. (6′-‘)-o(-.o)

    • s8529226

      ya dude u better watch it

      • Edhela

        Lol. I would threaten you right now Peter, but I would get in trouble. >_> So watch it. HAY Joe O! Again. xD

      • BOB

        aawww you guys are getting mad at me together.
        PS. Joe you should watch your chickens im hungry. Stripes might be gone tomorrow.

  4. s8529226


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