Saints won, BRETT LOST!!!!

Posted On January 26, 2010

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Yes the Saints won and the Vikings lost. Now my Grandma owns me a dollar!


6 Responses to “Saints won, BRETT LOST!!!!”

  1. Edhela

    WOW. Have you got no faith? I would’ve bet 50 bucks. I knew he was going to lose. He’s not that good. I did win money for gambling. >:D Brett Favre is such a cry baby. JK. BUT, he IS still a put down.

    • s8529226

      its my grandma though

      • Edhela

        LMAO! I see. Then I would’ve done the same. GOT TO RESPECT THE OLD PEOPLE DUDE. XD

      • s8529226


  2. BOB

    Wow a dollar I bet JR five dollars.

  3. s8529226


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