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Posted On January 20, 2010

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Leave a comment telling me your favorite bassist, drummer, guitarist and vocalist! Here are my favorite.

Sting (bass)

James Hetfield (vocals)

Neil Peart (Drummer)

Jimi Hendrix (Guitarist)


6 Responses to “Tell me…”

  1. Kyle J.

    sid vicious(bass), kurt cobain(guitar), Chad Channing(drummer), Johnny Rotten(vocals) and Jim Morrison as song writer.

  2. 0205richardc

    John Entwistle (bass) Jimi Hendrix (guitarist) Neil Peart (drummer)
    Robert Plant (vocals)

    • s8529226

      i think neil peart is my favorite

  3. s8272983

    my favorite and best bassest in the world is Flea

  4. s8529226


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