Posted On January 14, 2010

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Can you put a whole itunes with music, movies, and apps on a key drive. Leave a comment.


16 Responses to “Can…”

  1. Jason

    its possible.. you need like a 16GB key drive tho

    • s8529226

      well do you know how to transferrer itunes for 1 computer to another

      • Kyle J.

        well, you could email it to another computer, or save all the songs to a CD, burn it and import it to your other computer, or buy a huge keydrive/harddrive

      • s8529226

        so like i can go on my email and email it to my self?

      • Kyle J.

        its possible.

      • s8529226

        i’ll ask mr s

  2. Kyle J.

    yes, but buy 8 more of your 2 gb drives.

  3. 0205mathewd


  4. s8529226

    crap thats like 80 bucks

  5. Kyle J.

    dude seriously, Fast thing in slow motion is an official slogan and video franchise of mine that I started between last year and this year. If you use it you need to add “fast thing in slow motion -Kyle Johnston” at the end, or I’ll be mad.

    • s8529226

      fine god u don’t have to get all made at that, besides y r u looking at my email

      • Kyle J.

        well, because, I just don’t think you should take my slogan…. I’m not too mad…. why don’t you just make your own though?

  6. s8529226

    fine how about AWESOME THINGS, IN SLOW MOTION!?

    • Kyle J.

      no….. just make up a different slogan completely

      • s8529226

        i did

  7. s8529226

    mr s

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