Posted On January 11, 2010

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If you seen the Packer game, then listen up. I don’t care what you think about the packers, but they don’t suck. They played an awesome game on Sunday and you know it. They were down by 17 then they got up enough to tie, then they were down badly, then they got up to tie, then it was 45 to 45. 4th quarter, all tied up, what was going to happen. Well they did the coin toss and the Packers called tails and they won the coin toss! There was about 4 sec. left and so they went into over time. Finally it was down to one touch down. Packers have the football since they won the coin toss. Aaron Rodgers tries to pass the ball but the Packers fumbled the ball, other team got a interception, got a touch down and won the game. You have to adamant though, it was a good game. Leave a comment telling me if the Packers suck or there OK or they rock.


6 Responses to “Packers…”

  1. 0205richardc

    it wasn’t a interception
    Rodgers fumbled and the Cardinals got the ball
    FUMBLE not interception

  2. PJ

    Yeah it was a great game. That was probably the best comeback this year.

  3. Jason

    this is so true

    • s8529226

      o hi jason

  4. s8529226

    packers rule

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