Burn Guitar Hero… Burn

Posted On December 18, 2009

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Kyle made a very good point about Guitar Hero. He said that almost all the bands on Guitar Hero sold them selfs out. I thought to my self, Kyle’s right guitar hero did sell out all the bands like Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Nirvana, Ted Nugent and more. Also the people that play Guitar Hero, just want to complete the level and not care about the song. Kyle and I are going to burn Guitar Hero. We are going to burn it, smash it, destroy it, break it, kill it, murder it, and anything else we can think of. We are going to do this around January and put it up on Youtube. We will also put it on our blog’s. If you don’t know Kyle’s blog, click here. I will up date it on my next blog post but other wise, stay cool and don’t play Guitar Hero.

Here is the picture of the week!


6 Responses to “Burn Guitar Hero… Burn”

  1. s8636173

    You should shoot it with an Barrett M82A1 Sniper Rifle. That would be hot. -Edhela

  2. PJ

    Joe it is just a game you do not have to burn it.

    • s8529226

      yes yes i do

    • Kyle J.

      Yeah, I got joe to agree with me and now were gunna destroy it!

      • s8529226

        o ya

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