Who do you think is better?

Posted On October 22, 2009

Filed under WWE

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Who do you think will win? John Cena or Big Show? Leave a comment.



12 Responses to “Who do you think is better?”

  1. 0205richardc

    John Cena will win I don’t know how triple h pinned out of the attitude adjustment it was a fluke

    • s8529226

      what this big show not triple h

      • Richard

        I was talking about last monday night raw

      • s8529226

        o ya

  2. 0205megank

    john cena, duh! he’s beatin’ him before, he can alway beat him again

    • s8529226

      true that

  3. 0205mathewd

    the only hard part was the extra credit math

    • s8529226

      what did u have to do?

  4. Teh Epic Ninja

    Teh Epic Charles is the best!

    • s8529226

      no my is better than yours dam right i better than u

  5. s8336301

    John Cena beat the Big Show EVERY TIME!!!!!

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