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Posted On September 17, 2009

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Music is my life. I love rock n roll and some metal. I like many bands like AC/DC. AC/DC has rocked my world with  Back in Black and other albums! My first AC/DC album I got was Back in Black and the next I really want to get their new album Black ice. My dad is not an AC/DC fan because they scream a lot but I think that there scream sounds good. Another person that inspired my so much is Ted Nugent. Ted Nugent is a very good artist. He made so many songs that really make you want to sing along with such as Cat Scratch Fever. He does so many guitar solos and he’s a good vocalist. He is more of a cowboy guy but he does a lot of rock songs. Someone that also inspires me is Ozzy Osborne. He was and still is the Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osborne. He is also one of my favorite artists. He is a very good vocalist and also has a very cool band with famous guitar player Zakk Wylde. Another person that inspired me is Liken Park. Liken Park is alternative, rap and rock type of band. All of there songs are different like Crawling and Papercut. The only thing that I don’t like is that almost every song is rap. I’m not a rapper. There are two bands that  inspire me. My first and most favorite band is Metallica. Metallica inspired me to play the guitar. They sing about sadness, loneness, and death, but I don’t thing of it like that. Some people say they play the same song over and over again but that is the way I like it. I know how to play some of their songs on my guitar like One, My Friend of Misery, and my personal favorite Enter Sandman. My second favorite band is Three Days Grace. It all started on July 2003 when I was at Target. I saw there first album so I bought it to see how good it was. It wasn’t all that special except one song I Hate Everything About You, until their newest album came out in 2007 One-X. When I saw there new album I thought it was going to stink but I still got it. I am so glad I got that album because it changed my life about music. It was the best music I heard in a long time. It was a mix of alternative and rock. It was so amazing. I think every song I heard on that album, I loved. Well that is my favorite kind of music but just remember, I like my rock the way I like it!

By: Joe Olszewski


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